Tia Mowry Says Husband Cory Hardrict Was Paid More For His First Television Role Though She Started Years Before

Bre Williams

February 23, 2022

Veteran actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict has appeared in numerous films and television series since starring in the iconic 1990s sitcom, Sister, Sister, alongside her twin sister, Tamera Mowry-Housley.

But despite having made her mark in the entertainment industry, Mowry feels as though her credibility doesn’t compare to that of her husband Cory Hardrict through the eyes of Hollywood.

As reported by Atlanta Black Star, Mowry discussed the wage differences for Black women in Hollywood during a recent episode of her YouTube series Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, sharing that her husband made more money than she did for his very first television role.

Mowry her husband as an example when discussing wage differences in Hollywood

“I even see it, ’cause my husband, he’s an actor, Cory. Mr. Cory Hardrict, and when he booked a role, he was getting paid more money than me, and I’m like, ‘what?’” Mowry shared with her former TV moms Loretta Devine and Jackée Harry. “I have been in this business for so long. I have shown my credibility, and this is, like, Cory’s first television show, and I really think it was because he is a male.”

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In the middle of Mowry making her statement, Harry, who played the child star’s mother in Sister, Sister, chimed in to defend Hardrict.  “I’m going to speak up for Cory,” Harry said, laughing. “He deserves it. You deserved it, boo, love you, mean it.”

“But it’s the truth,” Mowry added. “What I’m saying is I actually got to see it in my household.”

She then noted that she used this example to show the wage difference between men and women not only when it comes to Black Hollywood, but also in general.

Watch full video below: